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Deputy who ran over ex-Napster COO while texting won't be charged

Wow.  Being a cop really means never having to say you’re sorry.  There’s a specific exemption in the “distracted driving” law that allows police to check “wireless devices.”  It was intended for them to be able to, for instance, answer their phones if it was an important job related call (tho why they can’t be hands-free like the rest of us eludes me). But here they stretched it to TYPING A DAMN EMAIL while driving… and KILLING someone.  Ugh.

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Texas School Won’t Let Native American Attend His First Day Of Kindergarten Because Of His Long Hair

Ugh.  Freaking Texas.  The family’s lucky they got the school to back down so fast, I have some friends who just had to spend 2 years suing their son’s school district over this same issue.

(Source: think-progress, via nedahoyin)

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